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Intramed is introducing the automatic Intraosseous infusion device, the RAPID.  
Intramed developed advanced Intraosseous (IO) devices, designed to offer safe and highly effective solutions whenever traditional intravascular access is not possible for medical treatment. 
Holding a leading position in IO technology Intramed is in the process of expanding its global presence and product line for further applications beyond the scope of Emergency Medicine.

Based on an innovative, patented injection system, Intramed’s IO devices provide rapid, safe and easy intravascular access through the bone marrow. Connection to standard infusion equipment is simple for administrating fluids, medications and blood products.

The devices can be used for elective and emergency procedures, for paediatrics and adult patients, in all ages in every scenario, even in extreme situations and confined places.

All of Intramed's products are available and globally distributed by Persys Medical

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